Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sarah Palin says she can beat Barack Obama

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"Republicans are talking openly about President Obama's vulnerability for re-election in 2012, and one of them is Sarah Palin."

See the video.

Apparently, the Republican Party believes she would lose. Sarah responded:

"Then perhaps they should vent some of their paranoia toward all of the potential G.O.P. candidates. Because obviously there's no guarantee that any one of us would win. But I do believe that much of this is a threat to their hierarchy, because I've never shied away from a battle and because I'll put principle before politics."

Sarah has not made up her mind. Previously dismissed by liberal voters, she has become a force. Despite poor interviews in the run-up to the 2008 election, despite that she has been parodied and mocked, many voters are finding she represents their views. Beyond the hyperbole of talk shows, her voting audience is increasing.

Can she beat Barack Obama? In 2008, no. In 2012? She thinks so. Just as her appeal to voters, both classic conservatives and Republicans, increases, President Obama's appeal is decreasing among independent voters.

With George Bush out of office and pushing his book, Decision Points, and Obama now responsible for his tenure in office, the ownership of problems has shifted.

Bush blaming still exists by the partisan of Obama supporters, but many are realizing and agreeing with Bush's stand on some things.

* We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Men and women are still dying. Just as Bush declared the war over too early, so has Obama. Not until ever soldier is sage is the war over.
* We see the threar of Iran and North Korea more acutely.
* Health care, per Obama's plan, confuses and concerns the average voter.
* The unemployment rate is embarrassingly high for Obama, whose efforts have not broughts results.
* The American economy, including the housing market, suffers.

Whether Sarah can win or not is one question. Whether she will influence the race is not a question. The Republicans will take women seriously. The Democrats will realize Hillary is not the only woman out there, that a woman can be feminine and strong. Both parties will realize partisan politics builds no bridges -- neither Bush nor Obama were in anyway bridge-builders.

Looking beyond the hate-speech delivered by blog world, the laughing at Bristol Palin's miraculous survival on Dancing with the Stars, and the incredulous fame-seeking continued self-lampooning by Bristol's ex, Levi Johnston, Sarah has thrived.

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